David Miller  and  Wendy Dixon

      piano                           soprano

The Grevillea Diary

Wednesday January 30

21 years old!!!!

Who would have guessed way back in late 1998 when Marina, David and I began planning this venture that we would still be here today.

In enormous thankyou to all our wonderful audiences, valiant supporters and musical partners throughout the years.

Wednesday February 13

What do we do in our spare time? Check out the SASS Inc page on our website and see another of our projects that are dear to our hearts.

We've also happily been choosing music for our 21st celebration based on the suggestions of our new Honorary Members Chris and Bob Ernst and Andrew Mitterdorfer. Chris and Bob are our longest standing subcribers and it is a delight to be able to acknowledge their part of the Grevillea journey.  Andrew has supported us in the most practical ways imaginable - the most obvious one being the open house he has given us to perform in his beautiful home.

Bob's request was Duke Ellington's Sophisticated Lady and Andrew's request was some Clara Schumann.


Duke Ellington bracket: I'm beginning to see the light, My love is as a fever, Take all my loves, Sophisticated lady.

Clara and Robert Schumann bracket: Liebeszauber (C), Der Mond kommt still gegangen (C), Die Lotosblume (R), Die stille Lotosblume (C), Widmung (R)/